The post-walrasian constellation

Vol. 14 No. 4 (1994)

Oct-Dec / 1994
Published October 1, 1994
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Prado, Eleutério F. S. 1994. “The Post-Walrasian Constellation”. Brazilian Journal of Political Economy 14 (4):623-31.

The post-walrasian constellation

Eleutério F. S. Prado
Da Faculdade de Economia e Administração e da Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas, Universidade de São Paulo – FEA/FIPE-USP, São Paulo/SP, Brasil.
Brazilian Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 14 No. 4 (1994), Oct-Dec / 1994, Pages 623-631


This paper has two main objectives. The first one is a full characterization of
the neoclassical concept of rationality, showing its constitutive attributes. The second is the
presentation of alternative research programs in microeconomics that differ from the neoclassical
one because they contradict one or more of these attributes. Besides, it intends to
show that microeconomics is today an open field of research and not the field of neoclassical
theory. By the way, microeconomics is defined as the science of decision processes in complex
systems like organizations and markets.

JEL Classification: B13; B22.

Keywords: History of economic thought complexity