Globalization, deglobalization and Brazil

Vol. 42 No. 3 (2022)

Jul-Sep / 2022
Published August 17, 2022
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Baumann, Renato. 2022. “Globalization, Deglobalization and Brazil”. Brazilian Journal of Political Economy 42 (3):592-618.

Globalization, deglobalization and Brazil

Renato Baumann
Diretoria de Estudos e Relações Econômicas e Políticas Internacionais – DINTE/IPEA, Brasília/DF, Brasil.
Brazilian Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 42 No. 3 (2022), Jul-Sep / 2022, Pages 592-618


The last three decades have witnessed important changes in transportation,
communication and data processing, with effects over productive processes, trade flows and
the international movement of capital. From the viewpoint of developing economies this led
to the recommendation of adhering to this process as a tool to foster economic and social
development. As for the Brazilian economy, its participation in the process of globalization
has been limited so far, except for the movement of capital. Its share in total merchandise
trade is low, as is the number of preferential trade agreements. It has not been possible to
reduce the “economic distance” towards the high-income economies.

JEL Classification: F13; F21; F43; F50; O57.

Keywords: Globalization deglobalization economic development convergence