The political formation of Brazil according to Furtado
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Boianovsky, Mauro. 2014. “The Political Formation of Brazil According to Furtado”. Brazilian Journal of Political Economy 34 (2):198-211.

The political formation of Brazil according to Furtado

Mauro Boianovsky
Universidade de Brasília.
Brazilian Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 34 No. 2 (2014), Apr-Jun / 2014, Pages 198-211


The article provides a broad view of Celso Furtado’s interpretation of the political development of Brazil, spread over his several writings. Furtado’s approach was dominated by his analytical effort to understand the effects of the distinct socioeconomic foundations of the United States and Brazil on the development of their respective structures of power. The persistent influence of the Brazilian colonial patriarchal regime was reflected on the fragility of democracy as a political arrangement throughout most of Brazilian history, including the oligarchic republic before 1930. The mismatch between the industrialization process and the inertia of the political system led to unstable populism and eventually to the attempt of military arbitration in 1964.

JEL Classification: B31; N46; P16.

Keywords: Celso Furtado political development of Brazil democracy United States populism