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VOLUME 43 (3), July/September 2023
From National System of Technological Innovation to the the "New Projectment Economy" in China.

Elias Jabbour, Uallace Moreira

Why the economy is hard to manage and how this could possibly be dealt with.
Bertrand Wong

The historical roots of neoliberalism: origin and meaning.
Sulafa Nofal

The impossible quartet in a demand-led growth-supermultiplier model for a small open economy.
José Luis Oreiro, Julio Fernando Costa Santos

The commodity reserve currency chapter: Friedrich A. Hayek, John Maynard Keynes, and the International Monetary Order.
Keanu Telles

What have we learned about National Development Banks? Evidence from Brazil.
Ricardo Barboza, Samuel Pessôa, Fabio Roitman, Eduardo Pontual Ribeiro

Fritz Redlich and the entrepreneur as God and demon.
Rafael Galvão de Almeida

Do political comments command? The case of the Central Bank of Brazil.
Gokhan Sahin Gunes, Dila Asfuroglu

Reflexões sobre a progressividade da política previdenciária no Brasil: uma contribuição ao debate.
Luís Eduardo Afonso, Otávio José Guerci Sidone, Geraldo Andrade da Silva Filho

Growth regimes in central and peripheral countries: econometric analysis (1980-2018)
Emiliano López, Deborah Noguera

Radical uncertainty and the effect of transport infrastructure on land prices
Nestor Fernando Garza, Jenifer Paola Garza Puentes


TO BE PUBLISHED SOON (In alphabetic order) 

Amir Elalouf - The dilemma of growth: pollution and health impacts in the Brics countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).

Angelica Tucuba Santos - PEMEX in the context of the global oil company: investment policy and lessons learned.

Bhimo Rizky Samudro, Yogi Pasca Pratama, Albertus Maqnus Soesilo, Harry Bloch, Ruhul Salimandri Prasetyo, Muhammad Bagus Sistriatmaja - Longo waves of economic growth in Asia and Western Europe, 1950-2020: are there any circular-cumulative causation and contradiction aspects?

Brena Paula Magno Fernandez e Raíssa Vieira Melo - Superfluous women and the invisible economists of Langham Place

Bruno Mader Lins - The rentier behavior of the Brazilian banks: an analysis from 2000 to 2020.

Carmem Feijó, Fernanda Feil, Linnit Pessoa - State planning and the sustainable development convention: an introduction

Dario Clemente - The “National Champions” strategy in Brazil. Insights from JBS, VALE, and AB-INBEV’ internationalization process (2003-2018)

Gonzalo Combita Mora - Value extraction, crowding out, and instability of the financial sector on Colombian productive development

Hugo Carcanholo Iasco-Pereira and Fabricio J. Missio - The real exchange rate matters, but why? A new developmentalism assessment.

Isaías Albertin de Moraes - The concept of Developmental State revisited

Luiz Afonso Simoens da Silva - From medieval to liberal man: cycles and crises of liberalism - recent authoritarian tendencies

Mario G. Schapiro, Pedro Salomon Bezerra Mouallem, Eric Gil Dantas ­ - PIX: explaining a state-owned Fintech

Pedro Lange Netto Machado, Luiz Fernando de Paula - How does financialisation restrict domestic policy space? Lessons from the Brazil's experience with rating agencies.

Sergio Luis Nañez Alonso, Miguel Ángel Echarte Fernandez, David Sans Bas, Cristina Perez Rico - El Salvador: an analysis of the monetary integration law and the bitcoin law.

Thalita Borges Oliveira, João Prates Romero, Fabrício Silveira - Trade opening, productivity and employment in Brazil