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VOLUME 42 (4), October/December 2022

Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira, Nelson Marconi, Tiago Porto, Eliane Araújo, Rafael Leão - Current equilibrium exchange rate: methodology and estimations for Latin-American countries

Alejandro Fiorito, Matias Vernengo - A note on the political economy of exchange rates in Argentina: new and classical developmentalism re-evaluated

Nelson Marconi, Tiago Couto Porto, Eliane Araújo - The impact of exchange rate misalignments on manufacturing investment in Brazil.

Esteban Pérez Caldentey, Lorenzo Nalin, Leonardo Rojas Rodriguez - Can correcting for real exchange rate misalignment help countries escape the middle-income trap? 

Gonzalo Hernández - Current account equilibrium exchange rate in Colombia (2000-2020)

Lorenzo Nalin, Juan Carlos Moreno-Brid - Current account and real exchange rate equilibrium: the case of manufacturing in Mexico, 2001-2019

Natalia Doré, Aurora Teixeira - Brazil's income growth and real (div)convergence from a very long-term perspective (1822-2019): a historical appraisal

Sabrina Monique Schenato Bredow, André Moreira Cunha, Marcos Tadeu Caputi Lélis - Public and private investments in Brazil between 1996 and 2018.

João Carlos Ferraz, Luma Ramos, Bruno Plattek - Development finance innovations and conditioning factors: the case of the Brazilian Development Bank and sustainable industries

Pedro Rossi, Ricardo Gonçalves, Zhang Ping - Progressiveness and distributive impacts of personal income tax: the case of China and Brazil.

Rafael de Acypreste, Edemilson Paraná - Artificial intelligence and employment: a systematic review

Guilherme Cardoso - The rhetoric of austerity

Alexey Koryakov, Irina Kazaryan, Magarita Afonasova, Irina Litvin - Modern approaches to measuring human capital as a driver of competitiveness and economic development.

André da Silva Redivo e Pedro Cezar Dutra Fonseca - Carteira de Crédito Agrícola e Industrial (CREAI): an analysis of its historical performance between 1937 and 1969.


TO BE PUBLISHED SOON (In alphabetic order) 

Adalmir Marquetti, Eduardo Maldonado Filho, Alessandro Miebach , Henrique Morrone - An interpretation of the Brazilian economy from the profit rate: 1950-2020

Alexandre Patruti - Keynes and Hayek: some common elements in business cycle theory

Antonio Carlos Diegues,  José Eduardo Roselino - Industrial policy, techno-nationalism and industry 4.0: a technological war between China and the United States.

Carlos Henrique Horn, Luiza Pecis Valenti, Ben-Hur dos Santos Petry - The Argentine crisis of 2018: background and interpretation

Demian Fiocca - The prosperous 2004-2013 and the new developmentalism

Diego Carneiro, Maité Shirasu, Guilherme Irffi - Identifying racial discrimination by the performance differential of high school students

Eduardo Loria, Arely paola Medina González - Narrative economics; the great depression ad the coronacrisis, 1929 and 2020

Elias Jabbour, Uallace Moreira - From National System of Technological Innovation to "New Projectment Economy" in China

Fernanda Cimini, Laura Rocha – Spending yes, progressivity no: the barriers to redistribution in Brazil.

Gabriel Oyhantçabal Bennelli - Agrarian ground rent transfers in Uruguay: 1955-2019.

Gilberto Borça Jr., Nelson H. Barbosa-Filho - Financial budget adjustment and public debt carrying cost in Brazil 2002-2021

Giulio Guarini - A classical post-Keynesian critique on neoclassical environmentally-adjusted multifactor productivity

Ijean Gomes Riedo - Institutionalism and its relations with developmentalism: past, present and future

Isaias Albertin de Moraes - Revisiting the concept of Economic Development and the School of Thought of Developmentalism in Economics

Ivan Colangelo Salomão, Beliza Borba de Almeida - The Rousseff government and the economic populism: an interpretation

James Cypher, Mateo Cross - Disassembling structures: the political economy of Mexico/s lending auto export sector

Jefferson Fraga, Helder L. Ferreira Filho - The effects of infrastructure and public investment on the elasticity of private investment: an empirical investigation for Brazil

José Luis Oreiro, julio Fernando Costa Santos - The impossible quartet in a demand led growth-supermultiplier model for a small open economy

Manuel Ramon Souza Luz and Felipe Almeida – Appropriation, beliefs, and inculcation: some other connections between American pragmatism and Veblen’s conspicuous consumer

Maria de Lourdes Rollemberg Mollo e Rafael Acypreste - The recurring debate about the end of labor with technological unemployment

Mateus Albuquerque e Pedro Rodrigues Alves - Ideas circulation and monetary policy in Brazil:  the presence of National Monetary Council members in think tanks (1995-2018)

Omar Chabán-García, Antonio Luis Hidalgo-Capitán - Green economy and green jobs: a multisectoral analysis by means of Spain's social accounting matrix

Otavio Junio Faria Neves - The effects of multidimensional well-being growth on poverty and inequality in Brazil over the periods of 2004-2008 and 2016-2019

Paula Carvalho e isabela Nogueira - The role of the State on foreign direct investment regulation: the case of China

Paulo Cesar Morceiro e Joaquim José Martins Guilhoto - Sectoral deindustrialisation and long-run stagnation of Brazilian manufacturing

Rafael Galvão de Almeida - Fritz Redlich and the entrepreneur as god and demon

Sufala Nofal - The historical roots of neolieralism: origin and meaning