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VOLUME 44 (2), APRIL/JUNE 2024

Developmentalist policies in financialized economies: contradictions and impasses of the Brazilian case.
Miguel Bruno, Leda Maria Paulani

Long waves of economic growth in Asia and Western Europe, 1950-2020
Bhimo R. Samudro, Yogi P. Pratama, Albertus M.Soesilo, Harry Bloch, Ruhul Salim, Andri Prasetyo, Muhammad B, Sistriatmaja

An analysis of the Chinese inward FDI regulation policy and the five-year plans
Tomás Marques, Giorgio Romano Schutte

Developmentalism as historical legacy
Renato Perissinotto

Income transfers and household debt. The advancing collateralization of social policy in the midst of restructuring crises
Lena Lavinas, Eliane Araújo, Pedro Rubin

The political economy of economic policy: industrial entrepreneurs and macroeconomic prices in Brazil (2003 – 2016)
Pedro Micussi

Chinese global agribusiness project in the Brazilian soybean commodity chain: historical structures and current actions
Giacomo Otavio Tixiliski

Preschool expansion in Brazil: an analysis of historical determinants
Talita Silva, Thais Barcellos, Guilherme Hirata, João Batista Oliveira

TO BE PUBLISHED SOON (In alphabetic order) 

Alexandre F. S. Andrada - Francisco Dornelles' brief tenure at the Ministry of Finance: The decline of FGV-RJ and the Delfim Boys' dominance in shaping Brazil's economic policy

Brena Paula Magno Fernandez e Raíssa Vieira Melo - Superfluous women and the invisible economists of Langham Place

Eduardo Angeli - Critical rationalism and institutional change in Hayek

Fernando Isabella - Commodity dependence, structural reforms, and commodity trap: South America 1970-2017

Luís Felipe Giesteira, Thiago Caliari, Felipe Orsolin Teixeira - Industrial policy in Brazil: empirical evidences in an environment of structural changes  (2007-2020)  

Luiza Peruffo, André Moreira Cunha, Julimar da Silva Bichara - The digital renminbi and the currency of the BRICS: perspectives for emerging and developing countries

Rodrigo Siqueira Rodriguez - The nature of Central Bank Independence: historical background and rise in the era of financialization