Sustainable underdevelopment?

Vol. 31 No. 3 (2011)

Jul-Sep / 2011
Published July 1, 2011
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Àvila, Jorge Luís Teixeira, and Roberto Luís de Melo Monte-Mór. 2011. “Sustainable Underdevelopment? Old and New Contradictions in the Periphery of Capitalism”. Brazilian Journal of Political Economy 31 (3):381-96.

Sustainable underdevelopment?

Old and new contradictions in the periphery of capitalism

Jorge Luís Teixeira Àvila
Mestrando em Economia pelo Centro de Desenvolvimento e Planejamento Regional (Cedeplar) – UFMG.
Roberto Luís de Melo Monte-Mór
Professor associado do Centro de Desenvolvimento e Planejamento Regional (Cedeplar) – UFMG.
Brazilian Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 31 No. 3 (2011), Jul-Sep / 2011, Pages 381-396


This paper addresses the concept of sustainable development and, more particularly, its applicability in underdeveloped economies when analyzing reciprocal effects between economic organization and environmental issues. It also addresses the relationships between development and underdevelopment, from an ecological economics’ approach, and its theoretical implications regarding the concept of sustainable development. We conclude that the specificities of Latin American economies, when compared to those economies of developed countries, also entail, beyond economical disparities, the existence of strong antagonisms from an environmental standpoint, which are recurrently ignored by most of the interpretations concerning sustainable development.

JEL Classification: O10; Q57.

Keywords: sustainable development underdevelopment environment ecological economy