South America in movement

Vol. 28 No. 2 (2008)

Apr-Jun / 2008
Published April 1, 2008
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Batista Jr., Paulo Nogueira. 2008. “South America in Movement”. Brazilian Journal of Political Economy 28 (2):226-38.

South America in movement

Paulo Nogueira Batista Jr.
Diretor executivo no FMI, onde representa um grupo de nove países (Brasil, Colômbia, Equador, Guiana, Haiti, Panamá, República Dominicana, Suriname e Trinidad e Tobago). Professor licenciado da Fundação Getulio Vargas em São Paulo.
Brazilian Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 28 No. 2 (2008), Apr-Jun / 2008, Pages 226-238


This paper discusses the prospects for the integration of South America, stressing that there are two competing projects. One the one hand, we have the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), as proposed by Washington, or bilateral free trade agreements with the United States in the FTAA format. On the other hand, we have Mercosur, recently expanded by the accession of Venezuela. Washington’s still very significant but declining influence in South America, relations between Argentina and Brazil, Venezuela’s entry into Mercosur, and the role of smaller countries are successively examined.

JEL Classification: F15; P16.

Keywords: South America regional integration free trade agreements United States of America Mercosur