The state and international trade: technology and competitiveness

Vol. 10 No. 1 (1990)

Jan-Mar / 1990
Published January 1, 1990
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Niosi, Jorge, and Philippe Faucher. 1990. “The State and International Trade: Technology and Competitiveness”. Brazilian Journal of Political Economy 10 (1):85-103.

The state and international trade: technology and competitiveness

Jorge Niosi
Diretor do CREDIT e professor do Departamento de Sociologia da Université du Québec, Montreal, Canadá.
Philippe Faucher
Pesquisador associado do CREDIT e professor de ciência política na Université de Montréal, Canadá.
Brazilian Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 10 No. 1 (1990), Jan-Mar / 1990, Pages 85-103


The pure theory of international trade is essentially a chapter of economics. It
does not take into account the role of the state. Yet this role is crucial in contemporary capitalism.
In the first section of this paper the basic trends of international trade are examined.
In the second section some theoretical aspects of the evolution of the theory of international
trade are discussed. The third section brings an analysis of the role of state in international
trade and technological development. The paper concludes underlining the need of “reintroducing
the state” into economics.

JEL Classification: F13; F10; O19.

Keywords: Trade industrial policy interventionism